Thursday, March 1, 2012


Somehow I became "that guy."  You know, the family member, friend, co-worker, or spouse who can "just figure it out." I've been "that guy" ever since I was a kid and my grandmother needed her VCR programmed so she could watch her stories.  I am a member of what many called the "Nintendo Generation," I even remember my little Miniature Poodle barking at Mario and Luigi.

Fast-forward to the present, and I work as a Systems Integration Engineer for a multinational education and publishing corporation on the forefront of digital content distribution and software-as-a-service web application integration.  I've worked in a variety of roles, in no particular order:

technical teleservices
user administration and provisioning
telephone switch management and maintenance
Windows/Linux server administration
firewall and load-balancer administration and configuration
datacenter maintenance and organization
SMTP and Exchange administration
SQL server administration
SaaS integration, maintenance, releasing, troubleshooting, development
VB6, C# .NET, ASP.NET, and Java development... just to name a few
software architecture planning
tons of other roles too minor to fit on such a broad list

I am often asked technical questions which I have no problem answering, but think, "this would be a good thing to organize on a blog."  Pending Ain't Easy is my attempt at organizing the technical questions, and answers, that are often posed to me.  I intend to backfill these as I see fit, while adding new ones as I go.  For this reason, it's unlikely that there will be any chronological coherence... some posts will be about years-old tech, while others are about tomorrow's.

This blog is for anyone, at any skill level.  My vision is that, once content is populated, anyone can land here and either learn something or add something else.  I will try to answer comments and questions here as best I can, and may even be able to offer new ways of tackling complex issues. 

I have no "snobby" attitude about the best or worst types of software or hardware.  In general, I EXPECT that everyone will choose the best software or hardware for their desired use.  Even though you may occasionally read me bash certain companies' products, I still do respect their role in this landscape and their need to appeal to the masses.  I only want them to be better based on my recommendations and feedback.

I am aware that some posts will be remedial to some readers, while extremely complex to others.  This is why I encourage comments, questions, and clarifications.  I also realize that many of the topics covered here likely already exist buried deep in some web forum somewhere.  Often it's difficult to sort through hundreds of posts to find what you need, so I'll do my best to explain from start to finish.

If you are reading this blog and are thinking, "I don't get this," ask!  If you are reading this blog and are thinking, "I already know that," add something in the comments!  Please, don't disrespect anyone's knowledge level ("lest ye be judged").

Welcome to Pending Ain't Easy! Please, help me populate content by asking any computer question... big or small.